Have you ever played virtual reality (VR) games using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive? It’s an incredible experience that can be further enhanced using 3D printed accessories such as the gunstocks that are compatible with VR devices like the Oculus Touch. Gunstocks have been particularly popular with players of Onward which is considered the VR version of Counter-Strike.

Why 3D printed accessories are so popular in VR

Accessories such as the gunstock has the power to elevate the VR experience to a whole new level by giving the actual feeling of holding the weapon, not to mention it makes it easier to aim which is always a good thing. Most players admit that games like Onward can be quite challenging for newbies without a gunstock. But don’t worry, getting a gunstock and other accessories for your VR games has never been easier thanks to 3D models uploaded by designers on Thingiverse


3D printed gun stock for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Gurgelx (Gustaf Brahme) shared “Oculus touch - gun stock” which has become a real hit and was downloaded more than 7,400 times! This 3D model was remixed from another model of the stock for HTC Vive controller “MagHak Virtual Reality Rifle” with magnetic quick connect that was made by another designer with nickname makeFOURd who also took inspiration from other Thingiverse models and ideas from the community. We also recommend checking out a remix(the white stock featured in photos above) of the gun stock by Gurgelx made by bigwoody003 (Alex Woods).

All these designs are easy to 3D print using FFF/FDM 3D printers and all you’ll need to assemble them is neodymium magnets and super glue. To see how the gunstock works including how it reloads, take a look at the video review by Virtual Reality Oasis. Among other things, the reviewer strongly recommends gunstocks when playing Onward but not so much for Pavlov, another popular VR first-person shooter game. 

How can I get a gun stock if I don’t own a 3D printer?

What if we told you that you can order it and other cool accessories for your VR games and have it shipped to your door? Click Oculus touch - gun stock and you'll be able to make an order right away. For HTC Vive design click here and download all the files. Then, upload them on Treatstock using the widget below to get it printed with a manufacturer of your choice. 

Leave us your questions or suggestions in the comments below and we’ll be glad to reply to them. 

Cover Image by makeFOURd
3D models by makeFOURdGurgelx (Gustaf Brahme) and  bigwoody003 (Alex Woods)

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