About AGBprint

J'ai depuis 3 ans une Creality Ender 3. La solidité et le bon état de surface est garanti par des réglages fins et optimisés.
J'ai construit un caisson chauffé pour l'impression de l'ABS.
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership -
LocationVersailles, Île-de-France, FR


AGBprint is a prototyping company with 3 years of experience based in Versailles, France. They operate an FDM type printers and utilize PLA, PETG, ABS plastics. Our test part was completed in gold PLA to good quality within a day. All surface details came our accurately and precisely. Intricate elements like "antennas" appear well-made, too.
印刷された: Creality Ender 3
素材 : PLA
画像のレビュー #1026177画像のレビュー #1026178画像のレビュー #1026179画像のレビュー #1026175画像のレビュー #1026176
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