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My name is Ryan and I work from home offering 3D printing, 3D design, and 3D scanning services. I do my best to provide premium quality and service, without the premium prices.

Currently printing with .4mm and .5mm wide extrusions for most materials. Consulting fees may apply when your files are not properly optimized for FDM printing. Please submit separate parts as separate STL files; $5/piece charge for files containing multiple/distinctly separate parts.


Pretty cool dood. I had another order with him from thingiverse and he put both orders on one package per my request. Print job fits like a glove!
印刷された: Type A Machines 1
素材 : PLA
画像のレビュー #166708画像のレビュー #170557
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Work Examples / Production Process

DSC_0218 (Medium).jpgDSC_0218-up (Medium).jpgDSC_0326(resized).jpgIMG_20170304_134451.jpgssd_stackers.jpgDSC_0329(small).jpg20150602_160056cropped.jpg20150803_151057-cropped.jpg20150803_151118-cropped.jpg20150602_170023new.jpg20150713_210938 - Copy.jpg20150504_211529cropped.jpgDSC_1281.png20150807_004739.jpgIMG_20170217_130804.jpg