About CleanWing LLC

I've started doing 3D printing for anyone who needs something 3D printed. Use to be just a hobby, but I am wanting to work on some more challenging pieces. Let me know if you have question!
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Incoterms CFR
Total Employees -
Year established 2020
LocationWICHITA, Kansas, US


CleanWing LLC is a manufacturing company located in Wichita, US. They run the FDM machine and offer 3D printing with such materials as PLA and Rubber. Our test model was printed in red PLA. We were pleased with the quality. The surface came out smooth and shiny, without any defects. The vendor managed to print all the small details very precise and clean. We were provided with the result within 24 hours.
印刷された: Adventurer 3
素材 : PLA
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