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    Replaceable Solid Carbide Tip Scriber

    • Attractive 3/8” diameter anodized aluminum body

    • Pen size, in various lengths, with pocket clip

    • Steel chuck firmly holds tips to prevent turning during use

    • 1/8” diameter solid tungsten carbide tips store inside handle

    Handle (utilized as holder to store carbide tips inside for safety and to help prevent loss) has Non-Slip Finger Grip surface on body, chuck nut and cap to aid in removing or replacing tips and for positive control when scribing. Simply loosen chuck nut to remove or replace tips. Two solid tungsten carbide points store inside body in a protective plastic tube. Reverse points in chuck or place in plastic tube for protection and safety. All machined parts are plated or made of materials to help prevent rust & corrosion.

    Suggested Uses: Layout work on tool steel • Marking tools, personal items & valuables for identification • Cleaning small grooves on golf clubs and hobby projects • Model building • Mark on steel, glass, plastic, ceramics and most other metals • Gifts • Imprint for advertising promotions


    Made In USA (Des.Pat.No. D407,289) 


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