CroudCAD - customizable 3D models


CroudCAD is an intuitive repository of casually useful and technical parts that allows for fast and easy customization of 3D models to fit individual needs. With CroudCAD, you can create your individual design in a matter of minutes without requiring any special software skills and technical expertise in 3D designing and modeling.

This tool is focused on items like boxes, connectors, gears, bolts and more. It is a good solution for an emergency replacement. Each of the models is customizable and includes many parameters that you can specify.

How to get free custom 3D printable models for spare parts

  1. Choose a template.

    There are several patterns available in the repository, divided into the following categories for your convenience: Miscellaneous, Connectors, Spare Parts, Boxes and Cases. Simply click on the model you want to work with to continue.

  2. Enter the parameters.

    Use an image on the left to navigate through available parameters and choose settings for your template. Please note that parameters should be entered in millimeters. Some patterns will require you to enter the text or upload a picture.

  3. Click “Generate models” to finish the process.

    Once the file prepared, you can either download the model or get it manufactured on Treatstock.