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Hi! Welcome to Crazy Monkey Printing! I specialize in high quality prints and I can also use different nozzle sizes. I'm an engineer so I aim to produce accurately sized parts for many applications.


Crazy Monkey Printing is a 3D printing company located in Keswick, Virginia. They offer FDM Printing with PLA filaments. They finished our test piece to good quality. The part appears solid and finely made. There are some minor issues with the bottom layer and bridges but aside from that all the details came out well.
印刷された: Creality CR-10
素材 : PLA
画像のレビュー #142898画像のレビュー #142895画像のレビュー #142900画像のレビュー #142897画像のレビュー #142899画像のレビュー #142893画像のレビュー #142894画像のレビュー #142902画像のレビュー #142901画像のレビュー #142896
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