About Jourdan Joly Studios

Jourdan Joly Studios is a one man show but jack of all trades!

Offering custom 3-Dimensional creative and art based fabrication.
-3D Printing
-Print Clean Up and Painting
-Mold Making
-Prop Making
-Metal and Wood Fabrication

As well as a variety of other sculptural processes. Take your idea from concept to creation!
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Incoterms DAP
Total Employees -
Year established 2017
LocationAtlanta, Georgia, US


Jourdan Joly Studios is a multitasking manufacturing bureau located in Atlanta, Georgia. On top of printing, the vendor offers print clean up and painting, mold making, casting, etc. Our test part was printed in silver PLA in a timely manner. It turned out smooth, clean and precise. All the intricate details such as "antennas" look solid.
印刷された: Original Prusa i3 MK3
素材 : PLA
画像のレビュー #1099635画像のレビュー #1099630画像のレビュー #1099634画像のレビュー #1099631画像のレビュー #1099633画像のレビュー #1099632
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