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Welcome to LayerWorks Solutions! We are a small additive manufacturing company based near Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. Our team currently consists of two mechanical engineering students who have 4 years of combined experience with 3D printing, including designing and building our specialized machines from scratch. We are constantly expanding, but currently specialize in creating precise parts in a large variety of materials. We are also open to design projects, as we are both skilled in the design and manufacturing of functional parts and prototypes. We have the capability to large volumes of small products, small volumes of large products, and everything between! We also specialize in high temperature engineering materials, such as Polycarbonate, ASA, and Nylons. If you need something printed, you’ve come to the right place!
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Partnership
Incoterms FCA
Total Employees <10
Year established 2019
Annual turnover ($) 2500
LocationPhiladelphia, PA, US


There was no communication, but the prints arrived within a week's time and were exactly what I was expecting. EXCELLENT job.
印刷された: LayerWorks Solutions Brutus
素材 : PLA
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