About Onyx FDM

Small startup for 3D printing manufacturing, Our services include printing of supplied models, and basic design of models as well for customers. 5 years 3D printing experience, with prior projects focusing on FIRST Robotics and recreational Cosplay and Props
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Total Employees -
Year established 2019
LocationHarrisburg, PA, US


Onyx FDM is a prototyping bureau located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They operate FDM type machines and provide 3D printing with PLA and PETG filaments. On top of these services, they offer product designing on demand. The test piece they produced for us turned out correctly. All of the details came out accurately and correctly. The "antennas" on top of the piece turned out a bit warped but this isn't a serious defect. Our piece had been completed within just a few days.
Response: Thank you for your feedback! I am glad to hear you are pleased! The warping issue has since been resolved, and print settings have been re-tuned. Please feel free to request a replacement if you so desire!
印刷された: Original Prusa i3 MK3S
素材 : PLA
画像のレビュー #927762画像のレビュー #927760画像のレビュー #927761
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