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Protoprint's focus is on technical design, prototyping, and functional end-products. I have designed and printed products such as bike parts, adapters, and spacers, battery packs, car cell-phone stands and brackets, and sink drain catchers.

I have added a super-high resolution SLA printer that allows me to produce plastic models with incredible detail.

The following plastics are available:

PLA - the "hobbyist's plastic", PLA is excellent for items that require high detail, and are not functional/structural, such as figurines or models.

ABS - a strong, somewhat flexible plastic. Good for products that require strength and durability, such as clips, snaps, cases, enclosures, etc.

PETG - a very strong, robust plastic, similar in strength to ABS, but stiffer. If you require a product with high strength and tight tolerances, choose this plastic.

TPU - a strong, flexible plastic, similar to a hard rubber. Suitable for gaskets, drain catchers, seals, etc. The higher cost in this plastic comes from the much more time-consuming process in printing it.
Business type Manufacturing Business
Ownership Sole proprietorship
Year established 2016


ProtoPrint did the prints quickly and for a great price. Daniel was wonderful to work with and has a very quick reply time. I did notice that with a couple of the larger prints the corners warped a bit, but that is also because I ordered it in ABS. But overall I would recommend him to anyone looking for 3d prints at an affordable price with quick turn around time.
印刷された: Prusa i3 MK2 Multi Material
素材 : ABS
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