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We started as a 5 person 3D printing research & development team with 18 FDM/FFF printers in 2016, but have since grown to a full rapid prototyping company that strives to find solutions to engineering problems.

Our passion is R&D for 3D printing and helping develop technologies to increase print quality and reduce the turn-around time. A majority of our gross profit is folded back into our research efforts.

We assist both businesses and individuals alike with the goal to provide high quality results and give mentorship to those looking to learn about additive manufacturing techniques for their hobbies and interests.

What's with the name? You may notice that it's REDMongoose, with the RED standing for "Rapid Engineering/Development". We chose the Mongoose as our mascot for their tenacity and quickness.

We offer 3D scanning / 2D sketching / CAD / Design services to fit a variety of different needs, from artistic expression to industrial application. Feel free to drop us a message anytime- we love to talk shop!
Business type Manufacturing Business
Total Employees <10
Year established 2016


thanks for the print.
印刷された: Anet AM8 Dual-extruder
素材 : PLA
画像のレビュー #1849302画像のレビュー #1849310画像のレビュー #1849300画像のレビュー #1849303画像のレビュー #1849309画像のレビュー #1849299画像のレビュー #1849305画像のレビュー #1849306画像のレビュー #1849311画像のレビュー #1849301画像のレビュー #1849308画像のレビュー #1849304画像のレビュー #1849298画像のレビュー #1849307
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